Essential Oil Bug Repellent

Finger spraying bottle of essential oil bug repellent

It’s that time of year again we are outside in our garden or having fun playing and entertaining outside, and the little bugs are everywhere bugging us, and we need some defense.

I don’t like using the commercial bug sprays due to the deet.
I make my own essential oil bug repellent.

How to Make Essential Oil Bug Repellent

You will need:

AV essential oils:

In a large glass measuring cup:

Combine the Awesome Vitality Ultra Beneficial Conditioner and the essential oils until well mixed.

Add the desired amount of water that will fill your spray bottle.

Mix well and pour into the spray bottle.

How to Use

Shake before use. Spray all over being careful not to spray your eyes.

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Apply as needed.

Safe for ages 2+.

Because it is water based and does not contain preservatives it should be used within a week.

I Got Stung… Now What?

If by chance you get bitten by a bug, you can use Awesome Vitality’s Ultra Care Body Lotion with five drops of white cloud to ease the irritation caused by a bug bite.

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